HD Camera

1,500.00 680.00



4in1 technology camera It is compatible with all running brands and Technology DVR.
OSD Cable To enhance the image quality according to the environment.
Remote free camera which do not require any additional remote to change the camera mode and image
Metal Body outdoor camera to protect the camera from dust storm and heavy rains.
3MP high Resolution Lens which work along with the sensor to increase the image quality of the camera.
Progressive scan sensor to make the video more realistic, smoother and eliminates ghost imaging.
High ecient IR LEDs to produce good quality images at night
Back Light Compensation (BLC) which makes camera suitable to see the object in front of the strong backlight
DIgital WDR feature which overall increase the image quality in strong backlight areas.
Automatic white balance feature gives true color of the objects in all environment.
Minimum illumination of 0 lux makes you able to see in complete darkness through the camera.
Automatic gain control to fill the light in low light conditions so that object becomes visible and clearer.
High Signal to noise ratio reduces the grains and spikes in the image.
Adaptive 2D/3D Noise reduction technology reduces the bad signal to enhance the image quality


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